Review article of immunomodulatory drug discovery from herbal medicines

Robert Miller · Nov 16, 2022

BAGI would like to share a review article mentioning the use of traditional Chinese/herbal medicines as a discovery engine for new drug development, with a specific emphasis on immunomodulatory drugs.

The review article was written by Prof. SHI, Centre for Quantitative Systems Biology, Department of Physics and Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University. One of the current research projects of Prof. SHI is the development of a new immuno-oncology drug and drug target through profiling immunomodulating traditional Chinese medicine.

The corresponding author, Timothy Mitchison, who is the Hasib Sabbagh Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. One of the research interest of The Mitchison Lab is the study of the effects of plant-derived natural products on the microtubule pharmacology. Drugs that stabilize and destabilize microtubules are important components of combination chemotherapy for many cancers and provide useful medicines for human diseases such as inflammatory disease and neurodegenerative disease.

Link to the review article:

Link to the research of The Mitchison Lab: